crystallize your branding.


Round 0


Concepting workshop!

We’ll get to know your story, and work with you to crystallize a handful of promising concepts for your branding.

Round 1-4

Base price for logo design: $333

  • Round 1: 3 low-fidelity sketches respectively on the top 2 most-voted concepts from Round 0

  • Round 2: 2 medium-fidelity digital prototypes respectively moving forward from the top 2 most-voted sketches from Round 1

  • Round 3: 2 high-fidelity digital logos building on the top-voted prototype from Round 2

  • Round 4: final deliverable

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… Need More Iterations* Beyond 4 Rounds?

Yes, you can change your mind after receiving the final product :)

* Price vary


We also offer more than a logo!

Discuss a digital media promotional package* with us in our FREE Round 0

* Price vary